What does it mean if your background check is pending?

If you’ve recently gone through a background check and found that it is pending, you may be wondering what this status entails and what it means for you. At Downtown Live Scan, we’re here to shed light on the subject. Read on to discover what a pending background check signifies and what steps you can take during this waiting period.

What Does “Pending” Mean in a Background Check?

A pending background check means the process is still underway. Various factors can contribute to a pending status, such as a thorough review of your records, awaiting additional information, or delays in obtaining results from external sources. A pending status does not necessarily mean an issue with your background check.

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Reasons for a Pending Background Check:

  1. Comprehensive Review: Background checks often involve comprehensive evaluations of multiple sources, including criminal records, employment history, educational qualifications, and more. The review process is pending as each aspect is checked for accuracy and completeness.
  2. External Verification: Sometimes, background checks require verification from external sources, such as educational institutions, previous employers, or government agencies. Delays in receiving responses from these sources can lead to a pending status until the necessary information is obtained.
  3. Adverse Records: In certain cases, a pending background check may be due to the presence of adverse records that require further investigation. This could include discrepancies or potential red flags that necessitate additional scrutiny to make an informed decision.
  4. Volume of Requests: Background checks are commonly conducted by various organizations, including employers, landlords, and licensing agencies. During periods of high demand or increased volumes of requests, background checks may experience delays, resulting in a pending status.
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What Should You Do During a Pending Background Check?

  1. Maintain Communication: If you are undergoing a background check for a specific purpose, such as employment or housing, it is advisable to maintain open communication with the relevant party. Keep them informed of the pending status, as they may be able to provide guidance or updates regarding the process.
  2. Be patient: While waiting for your background check to be completed, it is essential to remain patient. Understand that the process can take time, particularly if there are complexities or external factors involved. Continue to be proactive and responsive, providing any requested information promptly.
  3. Follow Up Appropriately: If the waiting period extends beyond what you consider reasonable, it is acceptable to follow up with the appropriate party. Contact the organization or agency responsible for conducting the background check and inquire about the status or any potential next steps.

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