Get FBI Fingerprints Done Quickly and Easily: Find Your Nearest Location, Including Downtown Live Scan

Need to get your FBI fingerprints done for employment, licensing, or other purposes? This guide simplifies the process by helping you locate authorized fingerprint providers, including convenient Downtown Live Scan locations, and equipping you with the necessary information.

What is an FBI Fingerprint and Why Do You Need It?

An FBI fingerprint, also called an Identity History Summary (CHS), provides a comprehensive criminal history report from the FBI’s database. This report can be crucial for various reasons, including:

Employment opportunities: 

Numerous employers prioritize safety by insisting on FBI background checks for potential hires, particularly those in roles involving children, the elderly, or vulnerable populations. This practice empowers employers to make informed decisions, safeguarding the well-being of both employees and clientele.

Immigration and visa applications: 

Prospective immigrants applying for benefits like green cards or citizenship may undergo FBI background checks as part of the immigration process. This meticulous examination aids in identifying individuals with criminal histories or those posing potential threats to national security, reinforcing the nation’s safety and security.

Adoptions or fostering processes: 

Some states may require an FBI background check as part of the adoption or fostering process.

Licensing and professional certifications: 

Certain government bodies and professional associations mandate FBI fingerprint checks as a prerequisite for obtaining licenses or certifications. This stringent measure ensures that applicants demonstrate impeccable moral character and lack a criminal record that could disqualify them from acquiring the necessary credentials.

Security Clearance:

Individuals vying for government security clearances undergo FBI fingerprint checks as a critical step in assessing potential national security risks. This rigorous screening process is essential for maintaining the integrity of positions with access to sensitive information.

Are you looking for convenient locations to get your FBI fingerprints done? You’re in luck! This guide helps you locate authorized fingerprinting providers near you, streamlining your FBI background check process.

Why Choose FBI Fingerprinting?

An FBI fingerprint check, also known as an Identity History Summary (CHS), provides a comprehensive criminal history report from the FBI’s database. This report can be crucial for various purposes, including:

    • Employment opportunities, especially in security-sensitive fields or government positions.

    • Licensing and professional certification requirements.

    • Immigration and visa applications.

    • Adoptions or fostering processes.

Locating FBI Fingerprinting Services:

While the FBI itself doesn’t directly collect fingerprints, it authorizes qualified individuals and agencies to offer fingerprinting services on their behalf. Here are some ways to find authorized fingerprint providers near you:

    • Online directories: Utilize websites like to search for authorized fingerprint locations.

    • Government websites: Check your state or local government websites, as they often maintain lists of authorized fingerprint providers.

  • Law enforcement agencies: Some local law enforcement agencies offer fingerprinting services to the public for a fee. Contact your local police department or sheriff’s office to inquire about their services.

What to Expect at Your Appointment:

When visiting an authorized fingerprint provider, be prepared to:

    • Present a valid government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.).
    • Complete a fingerprint request form.
    • Pay any associated processing fees.
    • Have your fingerprints electronically scanned by a trained technician.

Additional Tips:

    • Schedule an appointment: Contact your chosen provider beforehand to schedule an appointment and inquire about wait times, fees, and any required documentation.
    • Bring required documents: Ensure you have all necessary documents like your ID and fingerprint request form (if provided).
    • Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask the provider questions about the process, turnaround times, or any specific requirements for your situation.

By utilizing this guide and following these tips, you can easily find FBI fingerprint services near you and navigate the process smoothly.

To submit fingerprints to the FBI, you have two convenient options:

  1. Live Scanning at FBI Fingerprinting Locations: Visit any of our authorized FBI fingerprinting locations for a live scanning session, enabling electronic submission. This streamlined process ensures quicker results compared to traditional methods.

  2. FBI Fingerprint Cards (FD-258 or FD-1164): Alternatively, you can obtain FBI fingerprint cards (FD-258 or FD-1164) and utilize an ink fingerprint pad to capture your fingerprints on the designated spaces. Once completed, send the fingerprint cards to the FBI. It’s crucial to be aware that mailed requests typically require more processing time compared to the electronic submission method.

Choose the method that best suits your preferences and timeline, keeping in mind the efficiency advantage of electronic submissions for a faster processing experience.


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