Live scan fingerprinting los angeles

Downtown Live Scan Fingerprinting Center

live scan fingerprinting los angeles

We’re here for your live scan and fingerprinting needs. We make it convenient for all by allowing you to walk in or book online.

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More About Downtown Live Scan Fingerprinting Center

Looking for a quick and simple way to have your documents scanned in Los Angeles? Downtown Live Scan is the answer! Find out more about our rated highly in the area business. And digitize your documentation quickly and easily.

Get Fingerprinted

Live scan is an electronic scanning process that captures fingerprints and a digital photograph, which are then saved securely. Live scan fingerprinting services can be found at our location in Los Angeles. Simply schedule an appointment or walk in. The personnel at the location will help guide you through the process of capturing your fingerprints.

Downtown Live Scan provides fingerprinting services for businesses and individuals throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Our services include Live Scan fingerprinting, which allows clients to quickly obtain their background checks and clearance in real time. We provide live scan fingerprinting services at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more about our Live Scan fingerprinting services!

Appointment Scheduling

Are you in or near Los Angeles and wanting to schedule a Live Scan appointment? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We offer fast, secure digital fingerprinting services for individuals and organizations in Los Angeles. Our scanning system will quickly and safely submit your prints electronically to the appropriate agency. Book an appointment with us today!

Fingerprint Card Service

Are you in the Los Angeles area and need a Live Scan fingerprinting service? Look no further!

We provide live scanning to capture fingerprints electronically and on an FD-258 ink fingerprint card. Additionally, our secure process guarantees high-quality prints, so you can easily access what you need. Contact us today to learn more!

How can you ensure a quick and easy fingerprinting experience with Downtown Livescan?

First, make sure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID with you. This is necessary for identification purposes and will help expedite the process. Next, make an appointment with us beforehand to ensure our availability and avoid waiting times. Even if you walk in without an appointment, we strive to minimize your wait time as much as possible. Finally, come prepared with any necessary forms or documentation needed for your specific fingerprinting purpose. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free experience at Downtown Livescan for all your fingerprinting needs.


What is Downtown Livescan?

Downtown Livescan is a fingerprinting service located in the city of Los Angeles that offers quick, reliable and easy-to-access fingerprinting services. Our highly-trained professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate results and provide you with peace of mind knowing that your fingerprints are safe and secure.





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