live scan mobile services

live scan mobile services

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What is Live Scan?

Live scan is an innovative fingerprinting technique that captures digital fingerprints using a specialized scanner. It replaces traditional ink-and-paper fingerprinting methods, enabling the electronic submission of fingerprints for background checks, employment screening, licensing, and other purposes. Live scan technology offers greater accuracy, speed, and efficiency in processing and transmitting fingerprint data.

The Process of Live Scan:

a. Fingerprint Capture: The live scan process begins with the applicant’s fingers being placed on a glass plate scanner. The scanner uses optical sensors or capacitive technology to capture high-resolution images of the ridges and valleys on the fingertips. 

b. Image Conversion: The captured fingerprint images are converted into digital format using specialized software. This conversion process ensures that the images can be securely transmitted and stored electronically. 

c. Data Transmission: The digitized fingerprint data is then encrypted and transmitted to a designated receiving agency or database. This step ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the information during transmission. 

d. Background Check: Upon receiving the digital fingerprints, the receiving agency conducts a comprehensive background check by comparing the fingerprints against their database or submitting them to relevant law enforcement agencies for identification and verification. e. Results and Reporting: The results of the background check are typically generated within a short period. The agency then notifies the requesting organization or individual about the outcome, which can determine further actions, such as employment eligibility or licensing approval.

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