From Fingerprint to Finish: Unveiling the Live Scan Process for DOJ & FBI Background Checks in Los Angeles

Navigating the world of background checks can feel overwhelming. Live Scan fingerprinting, a key component of the process, often raises questions. Here at Downtown Live Scan, your trusted partner in Los Angeles, we’re here to demystify the Live Scan journey, from capturing your fingerprints to DOJ and FBI analysis.

Live Scan: A Streamlined Fingerprint Capture Method

Live Scan replaces traditional ink fingerprinting with a digital approach. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Schedule Your Appointment: Find a convenient Downtown Live Scan location near you and book an appointment online or by phone.
  • Arrive for Your Appointment: Our friendly staff will greet you and ensure you have the necessary documentation (e.g., identification, Live Scan request form).
  • Fingerprint Capture: A trained technician will guide you through the fingerprinting process using a digital scanner. This scanner captures clear and accurate digital images of all ten fingerprints.
  • Electronic Transmission: Once captured, your fingerprints are securely transmitted electronically to the designated agency (DOJ and/or FBI depending on your background check requirements).

The Journey Continues: DOJ & FBI Analysis

After your fingerprints are transmitted electronically:

  • DOJ Analysis: For background checks requiring a California Department of Justice (DOJ) check, your fingerprints are compared against criminal history databases maintained by the DOJ.
  • FBI Analysis (Optional): If your background check requires an FBI check, your fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the FBI for comparison against national criminal history databases.

Results and Next Steps:

  • The requesting agency receives the results: The agency that initiated your background check will receive the results from the DOJ and/or FBI. Unfortunately, you cannot directly access your results.
  • Contact the Requesting Agency: The requesting agency will contact you to communicate the background check results. Processing times can vary depending on the complexity of the check.

Benefits of Live Scan Fingerprinting:

Live Scan offers numerous advantages over traditional ink fingerprinting:

  • Speed & Efficiency: Electronic transmission eliminates the need for mailing fingerprint cards, resulting in faster processing times.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Digital capture minimizes the risk of errors or smudges compared to ink fingerprinting.
  • Security & Privacy: Live Scan utilizes secure electronic transmission to safeguard your sensitive fingerprint data.
  • Convenience: Multiple Downtown Live Scan locations offer flexible appointment scheduling for your busy lifestyle.

Let Downtown Live Scan Be Your Partner!

We are committed to providing a smooth and efficient Live Scan experience in Los Angeles:

  • Convenient Locations: Multiple locations throughout Los Angeles County for your ease of access.
  • Experienced Staff: Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process.
  • Commitment to Accuracy: We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate fingerprint capture.

Schedule Your Live Scan Appointment Today!

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