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Looking to obtain a copy of your California criminal record for employment, licensing, or personal use? A record review live scan can expedite the process. Here at Downtown Live Scan, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Downtown Live Scan explains the vital role of Live Scan forms in background checks. Discover how accurate information collection ensures a seamless and trustworthy process. Your journey to a clean background starts here!

What is a record review live scan?

A record review live scan electronically captures your fingerprints and transmits them to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) for a background check. This background check, also known as a record review or rap sheet, summarizes your California criminal history.

What is the BCIA 8016 form?

The BCIA 8016 form, or Request for Live Scan Service, is a required document to initiate your record review live scan. It gathers your personal information, the reason for the review, and the authorized agency receiving your results.

What is a record review from the DOJ?

A record review from the DOJ is the official report detailing any criminal arrests, convictions, and outstanding warrants associated with your name in California, following fingerprint submission.

How do I fill out a CA live scan form?

Filling out a CA live scan form is simple:

  1. Download the BCIA 8016 form: Head over to the Downtown Live Scan website ( and download the BCIA 8016 form.
  2. Complete the form: Carefully fill out the form with your personal information, reason for the record review, and the agency receiving your results (employer, licensing board, etc.).
  3. Fee waiver (optional): If you qualify for a fee waiver based on low income or public assistance, visit the California DOJ website ( to download the fee waiver application form.
  4. Schedule a Live Scan appointment: Once you’ve completed the form (and fee waiver application if applicable), contact Downtown Live Scan to schedule a Live Scan appointment. Our certified technicians will electronically capture your fingerprints and submit them with your paperwork to the DOJ.

Why Choose Downtown Live Scan?

At Downtown Live Scan, we prioritize a fast, friendly, and professional live scan experience. Our certified technicians ensure your fingerprints are captured accurately and efficiently. We offer flexible appointment scheduling and competitive rates.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact Downtown Live Scan today to schedule your record review live scan appointment. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.


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