Ink or Scan? Exploring Ink Fingerprint Options for Background Checks in Los Angeles

While Live Scan fingerprinting has become increasingly popular, traditional ink fingerprinting remains an option for background checks in California. Here at Downtown Live Scan, your trusted partner in Los Angeles, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. This post delves into obtaining ink fingerprints for background check processing in Los Angeles.

Understanding Ink Fingerprinting:

Unlike Live Scan, which transmits fingerprints electronically, ink fingerprinting involves capturing your fingerprints on a physical fingerprint card using ink and a rolling technique. Subsequently, the completed card is mailed or delivered to the designated agency for processing.

Where to Obtain Ink Fingerprints:

Several options exist for obtaining ink fingerprints in Los Angeles:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies: Some police departments offer fingerprinting services for a fee. Contact your local police department to inquire about availability and associated costs.
  • Licensing Boards: Certain licensing boards may provide ink fingerprinting services for applicants in their specific professions.
  • Private Fingerprint Service Providers: Independent businesses specializing in fingerprinting services exist throughout Los Angeles. Research reputable providers in your area to compare fees and appointment availability.

Important Considerations for Ink Fingerprints:

  • Accuracy Concerns: Ink fingerprinting can be prone to smudges, incomplete impressions, or errors during the rolling process. Rejected fingerprint cards due to such errors can cause delays in your background check.
  • Turnaround Times: Mailing fingerprint cards introduces additional steps and potential delays compared to the electronic transmission of Live Scan fingerprints.
  • Convenience: Finding a convenient location with available appointments for ink fingerprinting might require more legwork compared to Live Scan providers with multiple locations.

Downtown Live Scan: Your Partner for Efficient Background Checks

While we specialize in Live Scan fingerprinting due to its speed, accuracy, and convenience, we understand that ink fingerprints might be a requirement for certain background checks.

Here’s how Downtown Live Scan can still be your partner:

  • We can provide information on local resources for ink fingerprinting services in Los Angeles.
  • Once you obtain your ink fingerprint cards, we can assist you with completing the necessary forms (if applicable).
  • We can answer any general questions you may have about background checks in California.

Schedule Your Live Scan Appointment Today (if applicable)!

If your background check allows for Live Scan fingerprinting, consider the numerous benefits it offers! Downtown Live Scan provides a convenient, efficient, and secure experience. Contact us today to schedule your Live Scan appointment.