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Fingerprints must be submitted electronically through the DOJ’s Live Scan Program.

If you want to get into the real estate business, you must complete a live scan. This can be done conveniently upon graduating from the College of Real Estate. Bring your completed form to your nearest live scan location, or come ready on Graduation Day and have it done there. It’s a simple and secure way to get it done!
Are you looking to get a real estate live scan? If so, make sure you have your live scan request form ready! This form will provide the technicians with the agency’s information, such as the ORI and mailing codes. You will also need to include your details on the form for it to be complete. Once that is done, your fingerprint images can be successfully transferred to both State and Federal governments and the requesting agency.

What is a Real Estate Live Scan?

It is a type of background check that requires fingerprinting to be conducted. The background check results will depend on the agency making the request and California’s Department of Justice’s policies. The requesting agency should provide a live scan request form to ease and speed up the fingerprinting process.
Before a real estate license is issued, applicants must undergo a Live Scan process of criminal background checks through the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI. Any criminal histories found during this check must be reviewed and evaluated before the license can be issued. More information about potential license denials can be found in document RE 229.
You must undergo live scan fingerprinting to get into the real estate business. First, you’ll have to find a participating live scan service provider and take the Live Scan Service Request (RE 237) form with you. You’ll be expected to pay a $49 fingerprint processing fee and an additional live scan service fee directly to the provider. Finally, after your fingerprints are taken, submit a copy of the (RE 237) form with part 3 completed to the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE).

What is a Live Scan?

A Live Scan is an inkless, digital fingerprinting process that allows a person to be scanned electronically. This method is often used for licensure, background checks, or employment purposes and is typically faster and more secure than the traditional manual process. Live Scan technology offers the ability to capture high-quality fingerprints quickly and securely. The results are transmitted electronically, saving time and hassle over mailing your prints using conventional methods.

Ready for your Real Estate Live Scan?

All the formalities of education and experience must be cleared.

Real estate live scan involves an application process in which applicants submit their fingerprints to the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) to acquire a real estate license. Residents of California can be fingerprinted at a live scan service provider by following specific procedures. Out-of-state applicants must use an FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card (FD-258 Rev. 3/10), which should be taken to a local law enforcement agency and submitted directly to CalBRE with the completed license application, application fee, and $49 fingerprint processing fee. Those who wish to be fingerprinted after passing their exam can request a blank fingerprint card by calling the Licensing Section at (877) 373-4542.

Should You Still Apply to Get a Real Estate License if You Have a Felony?

Is it possible to become a real estate agent with a felony? While there is no blanket answer, applicants must be prepared to undertake a live scan of their criminal background upon application in most states. Even if you have a felony, transparency can pave the way for licensure. However, there is no guarantee that your application will not be disqualified.
To become a real estate agent, you must undergo a Live Scan and submit your fingerprints to the DRE (Department of Real Estate) to prove that you meet the legal qualifications. The DRE will run an extensive background check as part of its process, so being honest and upfront about your background is important. Trying to hide information from the DRE can lead to further consequences and disqualification from obtaining your license.

How Much Does a Real Estate Live Scan Cost?

How much does a real estate live scan cost? Generally, the cost of a real estate live scan will usually not exceed fifty dollars. However, there might be two separate fees that you must pay depending on the service provider.
Real estate live scans are background checks designed to screen potential property buyers or sellers. The process requires individuals to submit their fingerprints and personal information, which is then sent to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). A processing fee is typically included in the service, covering the cost of fingerprinting services and submitting the data to state and federal databases.
A real estate live scan is a fee-based service that allows prospective buyers to view and inspect a property before they purchase it. This service provides essential information that allows the buyer to make an informed decision about the property and its suitability for their needs. It is available for both residential and commercial real estate.
Real estate live scan is a requirement by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to have one’s fingerprints electronically submitted and scanned. When getting this done, there will be a fingerprinting processing fee that must be paid to the provider offering this service on behalf of the DOJ.
Real estate live scan is electronic fingerprinting used to conduct criminal background checks for real estate professionals. The fee charged by the provider for this service varies, depending on the individual or company providing the scanning services.

How to Fill out a Real Estate Live Scan Form

A real estate live scan is required to complete your real estate license application. The live scan process will collect your fingerprints to be submitted to the Department of Justice and relevant agencies for clearance. Live scan is one of the most important steps in getting your real estate license, so understand what is needed before beginning the application process.
Before starting the real estate live scan process, download the form RE 237 from the Department of Real Estate website and print off three copies. Once all three copies are completed, you can move on to the next steps of the live scan.
Regarding real estate, live scan is an important part of the process. To complete the transaction successfully, you must fill out three forms as thoroughly as possible. Certain sections in the forms require the assistance of a live scan service provider to be completed correctly.
Real Estate Live Scan is a method for digitally capturing fingerprints for processing and evaluating real estate license applications. After completing all three RE 237 forms and having the live scan service provider fill out their section and take your fingerprint, these forms can then be mailed in for processing.
Are you in need of a real estate live scan service? The fingerprinting process consists of the provider taking one copy, you keeping another, and then sending the third copy to the Department of Real Estate. All that is required is you mail your last copy to the DRE’s address.
Are you looking to get a Real Estate Live Scan? You can submit your fingerprints to the Department of Real Estate for processing. You must mail your request and full payment (including the processing fee) to the Department of Real Estate, P.O. Box 137002, Sacramento, CA. 95813-7002 Attn: Fingerprint Desk.

How Far Back Does a Real Estate Background Check Go?

Live scan is a background check for real estate license applicants. It provides an applicant with their entire criminal history, so those with one must be open and honest about it.
When applying for a real estate license, applicants must go through a process known as a live scan. This process, administered by the California Department of Real Estate and the Department of Justice, is designed to conduct a full and comprehensive background check on applicants. The live scan provides a thorough and complete background investigation that satisfies the requirements for obtaining a real estate license in California.

Can You Get a Real Estate License with a Felony?

Real estate live scan is an evaluation process used by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) to determine if an individual is eligible for a real estate license. The live scan process involves submitting fingerprints to the DRE for criminal background and record checks. Felony convictions may disqualify one from obtaining a real estate license; however, each case is assessed individually, and all relevant factors are considered.
A live scan is a background check that specifically verifies criminal history. As mandated by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE), a live scan must be conducted for all applicants to obtain a real estate license, even if the individual has no criminal record or prior convictions. Only infractions are excluded from the requirement, and all felonies or misdemeanors must be accounted for within the live scan.
The Department of Real Estate (DRE) requires real estate agents to go through a Live Scan process to verify the agent’s criminal history. This process involves submitting fingerprints to the local law enforcement agency that can then be used with the State and Federal Bureau of Investigation databases to confirm that the individual has no prior convictions or criminal offenses. The Live Scan is necessary to ensure that potential Real Estate Agents possess the character qualifications required by the DRE and meet the ethical standards outlined in California law.
In the real estate industry, a live scan is required for applicants wanting to acquire their license. This scan collects information about the individual’s background, such as convictions and charges. The DRE (Department of Real Estate) cannot deny someone solely based on this scan, even if pending criminal convictions exist. A license will not be denied if the applicant is still in the process of being charged or arraigned.

Final Thoughts on Your Real Estate License Background Check

Before applying for their California real estate license, applicants must participate in a DRE-mandated live scan background check. This process is designed to increase the overall integrity and safety of the real estate industry.
A real estate live scan is a procedure that requires applicants for a real estate license to submit to a criminal background check. This is done by taking fingerprints and having them scanned into state and federal databases, enabling the state licensing board to get an accurate record of any criminal history the applicant may have. Having any crime on record can disqualify an applicant from obtaining a real estate license as it relates to their ability to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of an agent.
Real estate live scan is a technique applicants use to submit fingerprints and background check histories when applying for a real estate license with the Department of Real Estate (DRE). This process helps provide transparency to the DRE and allows them to consider an applicant’s criminal history when deciding to grant or deny a license. While this system can benefit many applicants, it does not guarantee the DRE’s decision.
A real estate license live scan is a type of background check used by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) to evaluate potential applicants for licensure. The live scan consists of a criminal history search, an examination of any past disciplinary actions against the applicant, and a verification of their educational and professional qualifications. This process helps the DRE to identify any red flags that may disqualify an individual from consideration, so prospective candidates must provide accurate information when applying for a real estate license.