Navigating Fingerprinting Excellence: The Essential Role of the OCA Number with Downtown Live Scan

Are you embarking on the Live Scan fingerprinting journey with Downtown Live Scan and curious about the mysterious “OCA” number? You’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll unravel the significance of the OCA number, understand why it matters, how it’s utilized, and its specific relevance to the seamless fingerprinting services Downtown Live Scan provides.

Downtown Live Scan explains the vital role of Live Scan forms in background checks. Discover how accurate information collection ensures a seamless and trustworthy process. Your journey to a clean background starts here!

Understanding the OCA Number with Downtown Live Scan

The OCA number, short for “Originating Case Agency,” is vital in the Live Scan fingerprinting process with Downtown Live Scan. Let’s break down what this unique identifier means and how it is pivotal in ensuring a smooth experience for individuals engaging with Downtown Live Scan for their fingerprinting needs.

What is an OCA Number?

The OCA number is an internal identifier for the requesting agency, facilitating efficient tracking and referencing. Often referred to as “Your Number” or “Facility Number” on the Request For Live Scan Service Form, it ensures that records are accurately associated with the originating case, minimizing potential hiccups.

Exclusive Relevance to Specific Agencies

While not every agency requires an OCA number, Downtown Live Scan ensures compliance with specific agencies’ requirements. For instance, if you’re associated with the Department of Social Services (A0448), including the OCA number becomes mandatory in the Live Scan process.

Downtown Live Scan and the OCA Number

Understanding the OCA number becomes paramount as you navigate the Live Scan process with Downtown Live Scan. It is a crucial element Downtown Live Scan uses for internal tracking and reference, ensuring that your fingerprinting experience is seamless and complies with the specific agency’s regulations.

Why the OCA Number Matters

  1. Efficient Record-Keeping: The OCA number streamlines internal tracking, ensuring that records are accurately associated with the requesting agency, in this case, Downtown Live Scan.
  2. Agency Compliance: Specific agencies, including the Department of Social Services, mandate using the OCA number to comply with internal processes and regulations.
  3. Seamless Downtown Live Scan Experience: Understanding the OCA number empowers you to navigate the Live Scan process effortlessly with Downtown Live Scan, ensuring a smooth and efficient fingerprinting experience.


In your journey with Downtown Live Scan, the OCA number is more than just a code—whether you are associated with specific agencies or just looking for efficient and compliant fingerprinting services, understanding the relevance of the OCA number with Downtown Live Scan will help you navigate the process with confidence.s the key to a hassle-free Live Scan experience. Understanding the OCA number with Downtown Live Scan helps you navigate fingerprinting services confidently.