Rejections and Resubmissions for Live Scans: What You Need to Know

Did you make a mistake on your Live Scan form, and it’s already submitted? Did you submit your fingerprints but get a rejection letter? Here’s a guide to help you navigate resubmissions and troubleshoot common rejection reasons for Live Scans in Los Angeles, California.

Fingerprint Rejection

Mistakes on Submitted Live Scan Forms:

Unfortunately, once your Live Scan is submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ), corrections or changes to the information cannot be made. You’ll need to complete a new Live Scan form with the accurate details and pay the associated fees again.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Wait for a potential pass: Your live Scan might still be accepted despite the error. However, this can delay the processing time.
  • Resubmit with corrections: Complete a new Live Scan form with the correct information and submit it again.

Resubmitting Live Scans After Rejection:

Live Scan rejections can occur. The good news is you can resubmit your fingerprints at any authorized Live Scan location in Los Angeles. However, keep these points in mind:

  • Potential rolling fees: While you can choose any location for resubmission, some may charge a new rolling fee.
  • Return to the original location to minimize fees: To avoid additional rolling fees, visit the exact location that performed your initial Live Scan, especially if the rejection was due to data entry errors on their part. They should waive the resubmission fee if the mistake was theirs.

Handling FBI Rejection Due to Poor Fingerprint Quality:

The FBI has stricter fingerprint quality standards compared to the California DOJ. Even if your Live Scan passed the state’s requirements, it might be rejected by the FBI due to poor fingerprint image quality.

What to do in case of FBI rejection:

  • Reprint using the ATI: You must reprint using your original Applicant Transaction Identifier (ATI).
  • Twice rejected? Request an FBI Name Check: If your fingerprints are rejected twice for poor quality, the requesting agency must request an FBI name check.
  • Consult your requesting agency. They can guide you through completing and submitting the FBI Name Check Request form.

Reasons for Live Scan Rejection:

Live Scan rejections typically fall into two categories: poor fingerprint quality or data entry errors.

  • Fingerprint quality issues include blurry scans, smudges, or incomplete fingerprint capture.
  • Data entry errors: Mistakes like typos in your name, date of birth, or ATI can lead to rejection.

How to Find Out the Rejection Reason:

  • Email the CA DOJ: Your employer or agency can inquire about the reason for the rejection by emailing
  • Rejection letter: You or your agency might also receive a rejection letter from the DOJ specifying the reason for rejection.

Remember: Following these tips can help you navigate Live Scan resubmissions smoothly. If you have further questions or require assistance with resubmission, don’t hesitate to contact your chosen Live Scan service provider in Los Angeles.

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