Uh Oh! Mistake on Your Live Scan Form in California? Here’s What to Do.

We’ve all been there – you fill out a form quickly and realize later there’s a mistake. Live Scan fingerprinting in California requires accurate information, so a typo or error can cause delays. Don’t panic! Here at Downtown Live Scan, your trusted partner in Los Angeles (and beyond!), we’ll guide you through what to do if you discover a mistake on your Live Scan form after submission.

First, Identify the Mistake:

Carefully review the copy of the Live Scan Request Form you received after your appointment. Look for any errors in:

  • Personal Information: This includes your name, date of birth, social security number (if required), and driver’s license number.
  • Fingerprint Capture Format: Ensure the form reflects the fingerprint capture format needed (DOJ, FBI, or both).
  • Requesting Agency Information: Verify the accuracy of the agency requesting the background check.

Next Steps:

The actions you need to take depend on the severity of the mistake:

  • Minor Error: Contact the requesting agency directly for a minor typo in your name (e.g., misspelling a middle initial) or a missing hyphen in your address. They may be able to accept a written correction or clarification.
  • Significant Error: If the mistake is more serious (e.g., wrong date of birth, incorrect agency information), you must resubmit your fingerprints.

Resubmitting Your Live Scan Fingerprinting:

  1. Contact the Requesting Agency: Inform them of the error and inquire about their resubmission process. They may require a new Live Scan Request Form with the corrected information. You can view more information by reading Rejections and Resubmissions for Live Scans.
  2. Schedule a New Appointment: Contact Downtown Live Scan for a new fingerprinting appointment.
  3. Resubmit the Corrected Form: Bring the corrected Live Scan Request Form and a valid form of identification to your new appointment.

Preventing Mistakes:

Here are some tips to avoid mistakes on your Live Scan form in the future:

  • Double-check: Carefully review your completed form before submitting it.
  • Bring Documentation: Take your driver’s license or other ID to ensure accurate information entry.
  • Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask the Live Scan technician to clarify any questions about the form. Check out our FAQ.

Downtown Live Scan: Your Partner for Accurate and Efficient Live Scans

At Downtown Live Scan, we understand the importance of accuracy in the Live Scan process. Here’s how we can help minimize the risk of errors:

  • Experienced Technicians: Our staff is highly trained and experienced in fingerprint capture and Live Scan procedures. They can guide you through the form completion process and ensure all information is entered correctly. Want more on this topic? A good article is The Ultimate Guide to Live Scan Forms.
  • Clear Communication: We take the time to explain the Live Scan process clearly and answer any questions you may have.
  • Form Review: Our technicians will double-check the Live Scan Request Form with you before submission to minimize the chance of errors.

Additional Tips:

  • You may consider contacting the California Department of Justice (DOJ) for clarification in very complex situations. However, this should be a last resort after getting the requesting agency first.
  • Remember, a smooth and accurate Live Scan experience starts with the initial appointment. Choose Downtown Live Scan for a stress-free process and peace of mind.

We hope this information helps! If you have any questions or concerns about a mistake on your Live Scan form, contact Downtown Live Scan today!